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SwapNation Live Swap Thursdays (instagram live)

It's a new month, spring is here and we are bringing you guys something preloved! Join us for our Live Swap, instagram live on Thursdays between 7pm-8pm.  We will be starting on 18th March so you lovelies have some time to spring clean your actual wardrobes and upload your items to your virtual wardrobe!

How will live swapping work?

We will be going live from our SwapNation HQ, showing you guys some of the lovely pieces we have to swap with you and giving you the chance to swap directly with our SwapNation wardrobe LIVE!  

How can I take part?

To take part you need to:

  1. Be a SwapNation swapper (whether on the free plan or the elite membership) If you aren’t a swapper just sign up, it takes less than two minutes - link in bio :) 
  2. Have your swaps with you to show them to us via Instagram live
  3. Ensure they are already uploaded on your SwapNation account - this makes the process easier for all swappers!
  4. Comment 'Bid' when you see an item you would like to swap for - you can bid on items that are up to or equal to the token amount your item is worth.
  5. Get ready to jump on Instagram live with us and tell us the story and show us your item.
  6. Agree to swap and get ready to send your item as soon as you can

Rules/need to know’s:

  • Free swappers can swap one item via the live swap per month, Elite swappers can swap up to five per month
  • We prioritise quality over quantity of swaps which means that not all swaps will be accepted if we do not think they meet our standards
  • No underwear, earrings or body jewelry
  • No sweat marks/or stains
  • We will include some pieces from our new fixer upper category - please be aware these items need some TLC
  • Item’s will be sent out the following day and should arrive by Saturday or Monday the latest.

It's really simple and we will explain how it works and go over the rules before we start swapping! 

We have some gorgeous pieces lined up to swap with you all. What better way to spend a Thursday evening than guilt free swapping! 

SwapNation Team x

SwapNation Pop Up Swap Shop

In the autumn of 2020 (between lockdowns) we were lucky enough to be able to open our first pop up swap shop in the heart of Shoreditch. We aimed to showcase our online swapping platform into a real life luxury swapping experience like no other and it was a great success!

We had SwapNation swappers from far and wide attend the pop up as well as locals getting in on the action! The event was initially supposed to be for 4 days, but due to popularity we stayed open for a further four days. 

The concept of the store was a no hassle and no prices shopping experience. Customers would purchase tickets online or walk in to the store (when queit) and would hand over there items to swap. Our team would check the condition of items and the customer would then be free to swap the amount of items that we accepted. Bubbly was on deck, as it is for all of our events and the atmosphere was so chilled as each person had 90 mins to browse the rails, try pieces on and talk about sustainable fashion! 

The shop itself was on Hackney road through Fount London. This company has been helping starts ups to get there start in retail/and space since 2002 and are so great to work with! We also were adamant that everything in the shop was either donated, handmade or secondhand! A few of the local neighbours even chipped in with the decorations. 

By the end of the pop up we had made new friends in the area as well as new swappers both online and for our upcoming events. It was a great sucess and we carried out over 1000 swaps during the course of the pop up. As a team we are over the moon to be able to provide these experiences and open people's eyes to concious consumerism.


SwapNation Swap Shop Live

Come and join our online swap shop where we will be exchanging summer clothes with each other live. Get your tickets here.

Go through your wardrobes, pick out good quality/condition pieces that you haven't worn/don’t wear, get camera ready and let's have some fun!

Here's how it works:

T -Tell us the story, where did you get this item from? Was it bought for a particular reason? Why do you want to swap it? Every item has a story.

D - Display the item, show us the front, the back, the label. Be somewhere with good lighting.

C - Count your bids and choose who to swap with!

Get your tickets now!


Pop ‘n’ Swap Event

 We recently hosted our ‘Pop ‘n’ Swap’ event, as well as exchanging unwanted items and finding new pieces, our swappers had the chance to win some lovely prizes from our fabulous sponsors @beautykubes @francesgracegifts @hallie_co and @herbal_essentials by competing in our ‘Stitch Yourself Silly’ and ‘Pimpin’ Prosecco competitions. swappers enjoyed prosecco on-tap and food from the incredible @cakedropldn and @chicpfood, whilst @the_stylecat was on hand for some excellent fashion advice! We had some very happy ladies heading home with their fashion swaps, goody bags and new friends – without having spent a penny!  


Take a look at what some of our happy swappers had to say… 


  • “A huge shoutout to the amazing ladies over at @thedresschange! Congratulations on another successful event! … Always good vibes and always a good time! & on top of that I got to swap out some old clothes that I no longer use for some new goodies that I can’t wait to try out.” @_amanirose 


  • “It’s been a good day and a really fun end to the evening!... @wework had a super fun event with @thedresschange where you could bring your stuff and swap for something you liked. Not bad walking out with a pair of Steve Madden Stilettos and a fancy shimmer slip dress from Zara. With two sips (okay, glasses) of Prosecco (thanks, @francesgracegifts) I may just put the new clothes on and go party tonight.” @hanajaykllokner 


  • “And that’s a wrap, such a lovely evening with good company, beautiful clothes and fun games. If you haven’t already, please take a minute to learn more about sustainable fashion through SwapNation.” @thetajinderkaur 


We are so glad that so many of you enjoyed the event and are happy with your (nearly) new clothes! We are an online business, but we feel it is vital to have presence offline and get to know our community and swappers of SwapNation


These events will always have an activity, from consultations with personal stylists to a women empowerement workshop! There will also always be entertainment, food and drinks as a reward for being great SwapNation swappers! 


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