Wardrobe Staples - Gems we should all have in our wardrobes!

Wardrobe Staples - Gems we should all have in our wardrobes!

Staple Pieces For Your Wardrobe

This week of #keepbuyingless we are looking at how we can be more intentional with our purchases, and what better way to achieve this by starting with the basics. What do we already have in our wardrobes, and what are we missing to build a good fashion foundation?

We at TDC have spent some time developing a list of wardrobe staples - the items that belong in every woman’s wardrobe. No matter your size, shape or style these items can be used as a foundation for you to build on by adding your own unique flair. 

The Classic White Tee

A good quality plain white tee will get you out of any wardrobe dilemma. It can be styled in so many ways; with a nice fitting pair of jeans, under a summer dress, or a smart casual look can be achieved with a blazer worn on top. The options are endless when you start your outfit with the clean slate that is a white tee. White tees can come in all different styles, from crew, scoop to v neck there are white tees for everyone’s style.


A Good Pair of Jeans

We all have that one pair of jeans that we wear till they are in bits due to comfort and familiarity, but how much do we really value a good jean? We come in all different shapes and sizes so I am not here to tell you that a straight-legged distressed jean is a staple and should be in your wardrobe. I am here to tell you that a good quality pair of jeans deserves a place in your wardrobe, no matter the style. A good jean really speaks for itself; spice it up with a floral shirt or a knitted jumper tucked in the front, again the possibilities are endless! 

A Blazer

Whether it’s oversized or slim-fitting, a blazer is essential. We at TDC couldn’t decide on a specific colour as we all have very different skin tones and styles but something neutral is always safe as a staple piece as it can be dressed up with a splash of colour or kept neutral for a more ‘professional’ look.

This can be worn with a shirt in an office environment or worn with a cute body or bralet for a more after-work drinks vibe. A blazer can really dress up any outfit and can also double up as a lightweight jacket for the summer months too! Win-win!

The Little Black Dress

The holy grail of wardrobe staples! Everyone and their nan’s cat needs a little black dress in their possession. This is something you can just throw on when you get that “get ready I’m outside” text, or when you may accidentally forget your BFFs bday dinner is tomorrow and you have “nothing” to wear.

This again, like any staple can be dressed up with a cute heel or down with a clean trainer. Have a look at some of our top pics on how to style an LBD (although it pretty much styles itself).

White Button-Down Shirt

You can never go wrong with a clean crisp white shirt; whether it is to wear a skinny pair of jeans, or off the shoulder with leather-look pants. A white shirt will forever need a place in your wardrobe.

Now let’s talk shoes…

White trainers

A clean white trainer is such an essential even if you aren’t a sneakerhead, this staple not only brings a fun casual look but also makes for such a clean finish to any outfit. As previously mentioned, a white trainer can dress down an LBD as well as bring a casual vibe to an already casual look. 

Chunky Boot Heel 

Now I know a chunky boot heel may not be in everyone’s list of essentials but hear me out! Find a comfortable chunky boot heel and you are set for a day of looking very cute without having to sacrifice the feeling in your feet. A good boot heel will get you through a whole day of standing with zero complaints, trust me. This staple can finish any outfit off from jeans and a tee to a jumper dress and thick tights, go wild, your feet will thank you.

Barely There Heels

You know sometimes beauty is pain. No, I’m joking, not to say these are the most comfortable shoes to ever grace the fashion industry, butttt finding a pair that fits well to your feet will be very rewarding. These beauties can literally prettify (it’s a word) any outfit; skinny jeans and a white shirt? Step into a pair of barely there heels and you’re date/brunch/dinner/club-ready. Have a look at our top pins

By taking on board our recommended wardrobe staples you will be able to begin the process of intentionally building your wardrobe with items you will love, can style differently and are timeless. Be sure to let us know if there are any wardrobe staples we have missed, have your say under our insta post!


Iyana x