Thank You 2019, Hello 2020!

Thank You 2019, Hello 2020!

What a year it has been! In just over a year we launched a new business that was innovative and pushes the boundaries and I couldn’t be prouder of what has been accomplished so far. 

I came up with the idea of The Dress Change in late 2017 from watching women swap clothes /shoes amongst themselves at a weekly girl’s night. Throughout 2018 we as complete novices, focused on building an easy to use website to make exchanging items online possible. Thank god for having a great web team to help steer in the right direction! We had an awesome pre launch in Nov 2018 to test the waters and was really pleased with the response from some of the lovely ladies in the room. Dec 2018 we launched, and we were well received which was amazing! We’ve made it happen! We had another fabulous event in June 2019 with our Tribe members and some new faces. This time it was a Pop’ n’ Swap event with over 300 items swapped and a pimp your prosecco stand! 

During this year, however, as a small team we were faced with a world of things we hadn’t thought of, things to fix, how to grow well on social media and it felt overwhelming to get it all exactly right and as soon as possible. I guess in part that has to do with my need for perfectionism and being able to prove I can do it all.  At times I was burnt out, felt discouraged and had doubts. 

What I have learnt on a personal level this year is that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ or ‘doing it all’. It’s an impossible notion that we are taught from a young age through disney fairy tales and thinking our parents had it all together (most of them probably didn’t).

So, I've decided to embrace the imperfections, learned to delegate or prioritise the most important tasks/projects and believe that it will come together the way it is supposed to! 

It’s been such a journey so far, and we are proud to have built a community of women who love our service.For 2020, we are going to be continuing along this path, spending more time with our community, making improvements to our service and smashing our 2020 goals! 

Thank you to everyone who has had input, ideas or supported us so far on this journey, and  a huge shoutout our wonderful TDC Tribe x