Secondhand is the new.... new

Secondhand is the new.... new

Secondhand is the new… new

YES! Everywhere you look it’s sustainable this and secondhand that. Don’t get us wrong we know greenwashing is a very real thing. But it feels good to have the awareness be so main stream! 

Secondhand fashion is not new (literally), but it does feel as good if not better than receiving a new item! The rush of going through the rails and finding a gem,  browsing our site, getting a bargain and showing off to anyone who will listen about how amazing your find is…. What’s not to like!

Oxfam’s #SecondhandSeptember  - its back and bigger than ever with an amazing pop up spanning four weeks at Selfridges! If you are local to London we suggest getting down there just to see this historical event take place! 

#Slow fashion Season - which is a global movement encouraging people to be more mindful and choose slow fashion for 3 months saw over 10,000 sign ups for this year. 


#TDC Swaptember  - And we are doing our part championing swapping as a sustainable and accessible option for us all to re love our preloved items! Don’t forget we have our pop up swapping experience from 17th-20th September and you can find tickets here

So here are our predictions for the future of secondhand & sharing: 

Swapping will be the new shopping 

Right alongside rental & borrowing; swapping will be seen as a main way to add to your wardrobe without taking from the planet or spending your salary.

People will share high priced items rather than buy them 

Everyone on your street has a lawn that needs mowing, rather than buying a lawn mower each, yourself and your neighbours will buy one and share it! 

Secondhand relationships

A dating app that people can rate their exes based on their experience and find them a new home 

Another man’s trash 

Alongside your rubbish bins there will be another bin that is for items that are in working order that you no longer have a need for. These will be taken to a place where people can drop in and collect items they would like to keep or upcycle.  

A new (old life) 

Thanks to the hit series Black Mirror, we have seen all too well how relatable some of their episodes have been. So who' s to say it's impossible to think that in the future there will be a virtual reality experience where you can step into the shoes of another person and live their life! It can't get anymore secondhand than that!

What do you think the future looks like for secondhand and sharing?

Love, TDC Team