Pros of Upcycling and Mending

Pros of Upcycling and Mending

Pros of Upcycling and Mending


Still not convinced by upcycling and mending? Think your old or damaged clothes belong in the bin? Well we’ve rounded up our Top 5 Pros for why you should always consider upcycling or mending your clothes and accessories before chucking them away. There is of course the obvious benefit to the environment, but below are just a few benefits to you...

  • Cost Effective - It’s almost ALWAYS cheaper to repair or upcycle an item of clothing or accessory, than to buy something completely new. You can get your hands on some wonderful pieces of material and thread, as well as accessories like buttons, on sites like freecycle! So be kind to your pocket.
  • Valuable Life Skill - Learning the basics of sewing and other mending techniques are lifelong skills that you’ll find will come in useful when you may least expect it. We also suggest carrying a small sewing kit in your bag for such times, like fixing back on a shirt button at work.
  • Prolong Life of Clothing - When you get a chip in your windshield, you don’t replace your whole car - so why do it with clothing? Minor rips and holes are easy to repair, and will keep your favourite items living longer so you can flaunt them a few more times
  • Natural Antidepressant - Pleasurable activities like sewing cause the brain to release the chemical dopamine, making you feel happy and working as an antidepressant. Equally, a study commissioned by the Home Sewing Association concluded that when sewing, the average heartbeat can drop by between 7 and 11 beats per minute, indicating that sewing can be beneficial for those with anxiety, as well as depression.
  • Stay Trendy - Over the years we’ve learned that fashion is cyclical, with trends from previous decades making their way back to the present day such as mom jeans, chunky trainers and round glasses, to name only a few. By mending your clothes you can guarantee that they’ll last till they inevitably make a comeback!

If you STILL need convincing, here are some insta bloggers we LOVE who upcycle:




Or check out #UpcycledClothing hashtag for more inspo!