No New Clothes December

No New Clothes December

Why No New Clothes December?

December. The month we’ve all been waiting for – Christmas is upon us!

But this Christmas, we’re putting a twist on our usual excitement for fresh outfits and getting excited for a monthly challenge: No-New-Clothes December.

From Christmas parties throughout the month, to Boxing Day sales and New Year’s, never is there a more perfect time for new purchases. But with what impact? Well, here’s the facts…

In short, the fashion industry is seriously contributing to the warming climate (extreme weather events), water scarcity (countries suffering to stay hydrated, farm, clean) and polluted oceans (entering sea life and human food chains).

It’s up to you to make a change this Christmas. Test your style skills by putting a spin on a pre-worn outfit or swapping online with us! And, if you find yourself window shopping in sorrow to get your fix or  struggling with this challenge, give these documentaries a little watch…

Or for your daily commute, some podcasts…

Happy No New Clothes December, Ladies!

Written by Natasha Rowe - TDC Writer

11 months into my sustainable fashion journey