New or Preloved - which is cleaner?

New or Preloved - which is cleaner?

Heyy TDC Tribe! Hope everyone is doing ok and keeping safe!

When thinking about clothes and the different stages of its journey, we can categorise them into brand new and pre-loved (including vintage).

Now, when asked the question which is cleaner? Most would immediately say the clothes which are brand new right? However, this may not necessarily be true.

 Clothes go through a lot of stages before they become yours. From collecting the materials, manufacturing the items, to the transportation of the items of stores. In this process there is a lot of opportunity for these items to pick up dirt and germs.

Some of the girls at TDC including myself were chatting recently (virtually ofc) about how we used to go into high street shops like H&M and Topshop, try things on and either decide to buy items or leave them. The items we purchased would go straight from the rails to our wardrobes; without a thought going into who may have tried it on first, how the item got to the store and all the other invisible steps the item may have gone through before making it to our wardrobes.

According to Philip Tierno, professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University, the number of people who have tried on that blouse you bought or that dress you decided to splurge on might actually be a lot higher than you think. “It’s not four or five or six people; it’s dozens and dozens ... if that garment sits there for weeks or a month,” he said. Scary right?

However, when looking at pre loved items, we already have the mindset that someone has worn the item and therefore we are more likely to take extra steps to ensure its cleanliness by washing it after we have purchased or swapped it.

With that all being said, in our current situation, let’s make sure we are all doing our bit to ensure our clothes are clean, whether that is washing an item that you are about to send out to a fellow tribe member. Or washing the ‘brand new’ or preloved item you have received in the post. Caring for your clothes is important, especially now- read our top tips here 

All clothes have a history, let’s cover our own backs by washing those items first (pun intended).


Iyana x