My experience with The Dress Change

My experience with The Dress Change

The Dress Change are a womenswear exchange marketplace. They allow us to swap our preloved items for something we’ll adore, rather than adding to the waste culture. What’s better, an item idly sitting in a wardrobe, or giving it a new lease of life elsewhere?

I was introduced to The Dress Change last year when I was invited to their prelaunch. It was refreshing to hear the facts, stories and relating to one another about our wardrobe choices. I wasn’t the only one who had unworn items or items bought for a shoot and never worn again. 

We’ve all said the cliché phrase, I have nothing to wear. Let’s take it deeper, what makes us become frustrated with our wardrobe? It’s actually quite simple, we have clothes, but no outfits. Items don’t complement one another, our approach to shopping is non-existent, which results in the problem. We need to love our clothes, accessories and shoes. Every time we reach for them should make us excited. 

The ladies behind the brand are working tirelessly to impact the planet in a positive way. It’s always a lovely experience when I work alongside TDC or attend one of their events. If you haven’t already, sign up for a membership. Swap, wear and create some new memories. You deserve it, pat on the back for cutting down your waste. Every small step matters. 


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