I’m sad  :( 

Soooo, best part of winter. Christmas? Mulled wine? New years Eve? Winter wonderland? Then what happens next? What is there to look forward to when that sparkly part is over? 

 Not to be a Debbie downer, but boy I’m sad. Waking up at 6.30am for my daily commute to work is a struggle in itself but in the winter, it’s a different level of struggle.  I wake up from a cosy sleep wearing the socks my Nan knitted me for Christmas, feeling like shiteee because it looks like it’s about 2am outside. 

I’m SAD. 

 Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a type of depression that occurs in particular seasons. This is more common in the winter months when the days are shorter. The symptoms include but are not limited to; feeling low in mood, difficulty concentrating, struggling to get up in the morning and lack of energy. Sounds like every Monday morning right? But seriously; apparently 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from this. I am definitely one of them and wanted to share how I have been attempting to manage the symptoms.  

  • Seek medical advice: Personally I am all for natural remedies; however, this isn’t always possible depending on the severity of one’s symptoms. Either way, speaking to a doctor could allow you to receive the treatment that is best for you; the medical options usually offered for SAD are talking therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) or antidepressants. Again, every treatment works differently for everyone. 
  • A bangin’ playlist:  lift your mood on your way to work, as your unlicensed SAD advisor I would recommend you add at least 2 to 3 Beyonce songs…otherwise it’s just a playlist x  
  • Talk: we all have crap days so I’m sure loved ones around you can relate. Talk about it, share tips on what works for you on those dead days; you’ll be surprised who is going through it, you’re not alone. 

  • LET THERE BE LIGHT!: Light therapy is something that I started about 2 years ago after having a really tough time getting up for work and just overall feeling low in the winter months. Obviously, a quick trip to the Bahamas would fix that Blue Monday feeling, but of course this is not always an option. So I invested in a SAD light which emits light rays similar to the sun. I would turn it on when I wake up and have it on for at least half an hour as I got ready for my day. I’m no doctor but this is proven to boost energy and mood by stimulating the cells in our eyes that are connected to the hypothalamus to restore our normal circadian rhythm, this rhythm is usually out of sink in the winter months as a result of the shorter days (don’t quote me on all that technical stuff).  
  • Exercise: Ok we all know exercise has physical and mental benefits through boosting our endorphins, burning fat, getting a booty and all that jazz, but what are we really doing with that information? I can only talk for myself but joining the gym is 100% one of my new year’s resolutions every year. It’s definitely February (next week) and I still haven’t done a diddly squat (pun intended). So I am writing this for me as well as you; exercise can really help with symptoms of SAD so why not give it a try? The first hurdle is always the hardest…I’m hoping. Now I understand mine and many others’ go-to excuse is ‘gym is too expensive’, now we can all try and bury our heads in the sand and say that’s the onlyyyy way we can get fit. What about jogging? Too cold.  

Okay baby steps, let’s start small... A TDC challenge one may call it…50 squats while you brush your teeth! (please exclude yourself if you have any medical knee problems). 

That’s all folks. I hope this was helpful and please please please, if you know this is something you struggle with and have tips that work wonders for you, the 6am me would really appreciate it you sharing it! 

Drop us a DM on insta/twitter/facebook or comment on our post with your thoughts on the blog and how you got on with the TDC squat challenge, tips you may have and perhaps your personal experiences with SAD. 

Not long now ladies, SUMMER IS COMING! 

Iyana x