How we’re repurposing our clothes during LOCKDOWN

How we’re repurposing our clothes during LOCKDOWN

With fast fashion companies using lockdown as an excuse to promote the sale of new loungewear sets, we at TDC have decided not to fall victim. Instead, we have been using the clothes already in our wardrobes and giving them a new lease of life by revamping and repurposing them!  

The environment has been making a healthy comeback since there has been a mass reduction in pollution during this trying time, so we want to keep positively contributing to that.

Here are some of our favourite ways of doing so…

Turning Unworn Jeans into a Denim Skirt

I recently purchased some orange jeans from depop to reach the amount for free delivery from the seller. I thought they looked pretty groovy but they did NOT suit me in the slightest! So, I followed this easy step-by-step on youtube and now have a repurposed cute new orange denim skirt – wonderfully unique and a fabulous pop of colour in the sunshine!

Bleaching and Ripping Jeans

Bring some old lacklustre jeans back to life by bleaching and/or ripping them to add some character, instead of buying new ones. This way you can guarantee that no one else will have them! What started off as my pristine straight leg jeans will now be my relaxed ones, perfect for the warmer weather with their lighter tone and tears for a little breeze! 

With this easy to follow guide, you’ll have your new pair of jeans in no time…

REMEMBER – Safety first. Always wear gloves and protective eye wear when working with bleach. Do not leave skin exposed. 

P.S If you’re really in the DIY mood, you can of course also cut the jeans into shorts or a skirt too!

Hand Embroidering and Dyeing Old T-Shirts

One of the new talents I set myself to learn during lockdown was hand embroidery. I ordered a little kit from a local business and am now OBSESSED. Some of my favourite tees have just a small cute detail on the breast, so I’ve started creating my own which are also tie-dyed – huge 90s vibes! To find out how, use these easy try-at-home guides.


#howmanyways challenge - Sunday 17th May 2020

Our most favourite style hack is the vintage scarf – it can be worn as a headband, wrapped around your ponytail or bun, as a belt or as a cute top (perfect to pack for holidays)!

But how many ways can you style a blouse? A bodycon skirt? A cardigan?

 The TDC Team nominate YOU for our #howmanyways challenge; test the limits of one piece of clothing and explore how many different ways it can be worn to create exciting looks!

Take some inspo from our founder in our most recent post and get imaginative! Make sure you post your contribution with the hashtag #howmanyways and tag us @thedresschange. 

We can’t wait to see your creativity!


Reduce. Repurpose. Rewear.

Tash x