A guide: How to get the best out of exchanging with us!

A guide: How to get the best out of exchanging with us!

Hey guys! 

We have decided to write a guide for you to get the best out of exchanging with us. So let’s jump in!


Each member has a profile - this is for you to describe your style, how you like your clothes to fit and describe a bit about yourself. Try to make this interesting and highlight your likes but keep it short and sweet :)

Uploading items to exchange


Describe your item in detail. As the member you will exchange with is not able to see the item up close and personal. We rely on each other to write great descriptions to tell us exactly what the item is.  

Tell us, is it: slim fitting or loose? Petite, tall or regular? What material is made from? How many times have you worn it?

Tell us your item’s story

Every single piece of clothing you upload with us will have a story and we want to know about it! Where did it come from? Where have you worn it to? Is it special to you in any way? Why are you swapping it? Items with a good description and an engaging story are the most likely to be swapped! 


TDC members need to see the item as clearly as possible to decide if it will be right for them. 

What members want to see is: 

A clear, plain background 

The item laying flat on the floor /other surface, or hanging it up to see the shape of it 

Multiple photos showing the front, back, sides and detailing of the item 

If the item would be shown best by you wearing then please do to show it in the best possible way.

Here's what to do:


Bids -  what is accepted, declined & counter offering?

You can bid on as many items as you fancy with items from your own virtual wardrobe and other members can bid on your items too. As soon as a member bids on your item you will receive an email notification of this. 

At this point you can choose to either:

See the item - you will be shown the item and its photos/ description

Accept the bid - you now have an exchange and will be given the details to send the item

Decline the bid - you’ve declined the item and no exchange will be made

See other items (counter offer) -  you’ve declined the item that was shown to you, but you are choosing to viewother items in this members virtual wardrobe and you can counter bid with an item of your choosing.


On our free membership once your bid has been accepted you won't be able to exchange again until the following month.

Sending & receiving your item  

Every member wants to get their hands on their preloved piece as soon as possible so please do your absolute best to get the item sent out as soon as you can. Use tracking where possible and please input tracking details into the exchanges in process (box provided). Once you’ve sent it remember to change the status to sent so that the other member knows to expect it soon! 

When you receive your item please change the status to received so that the exchange is complete.  


Reviewing - how did they do?

Reviews help our members decide who they will trust to exchange items with. Once an exchange is complete each member will be asked to review that person and the exchange. This is super important as it lets other members know how well it went, was the item as described and most importantly would you exchange with this person again. Lastly, members who maintain a rating of 4 and above are invited to fun events hosted by us!

Referrals - refer three friends get a month free 

Lastly, we believe every woman should be able to shop sustainably and affordably so we are introducing referrals!

You can now earn one months FREE elite subscription just by getting your friends to sign up with us.

To earn your free months, all you need to do is share your referral link with at least 3 friends and ask them to sign up with us. Once all 3 friends have created an account using your personal link , you will earn 1 free month! You can find your refferal link under my profile and then my referrals.

So to get the best out of exchanging items with us you need to:

  • Be descriptive

  • Tell your items story

  • Take clear photos

  • Send items out in a timely manner

  • Write reviews as they help us decide who to exchange with

Love, TDC Team x