Fast Fashion & Covid-19

Fast Fashion & Covid-19

It’s been a weird few weeks in lockdown right? With so much change to our normal lives and the restrictions that have been placed on us, fashion has naturally taken a back seat in most of our lives. 

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What's happening now?

So with us all slowing down, what have retailers been up to?

Some stores have taken government advice and shut down their stores and online presence. Retail workers have been put on furlough and will most likely lose their jobs permanently as the economy continues to dip.

But then there is fast fashion. 

If you're still subscribed to any of the major fast fashion retailers you would have seen ‘70% off’ and ‘must have loungewear’ in a bid to try and get consumers to continue with the same throwaway culture.

Here’s our problem with them and why we would hope that you would think about making purchases from them in the future:

P.O.E (Profit over everything) -  These companies have been so used to consumers spending they are desperate to meet their targets for profit regardless of the government guidelines. In recent weeks they have been found to be putting their workers into unsafe conditions, with little to no distance between them and creating a breeding ground for the virus. 

They believe consumers are hooked (and stupid) - Ok this is our opinion, but really. A lot of people will be in the process of being furloughed or being made redundant. Finding a job post Covid-19 might prove difficult, so the last thing people need is to be targeted by a flood of emails and online 50% off sales to spend their money on new clothes that do not serve a purpose.

U-turn on orders -  Some, fast fashion retailers sound a little like this “Sorry suppliers didn’t you know we are in a global crisis? We can’t afford to pay you for the order of work you’ve already done. Thanks for your time though.” Suppliers generally take all of the risks in the supply chain, they provide the materials and the workers and will then make the clothes for the retailers. As retailers are allegedly cancelling their orders, the workers who made the clothes are not only not getting paid for the work they have already done but are also being let go from their jobs. 


What needs to happen next?

Fast fashion should not have been allowed to get to the state it is in currently. What we need is: 

  • Enforced control and transparency of these retailers ethics and sustainable practices
  •  A generous fund from profitable fast fashion companies to help laid off garment workers to be able to survive
  • ensuring the rights of garment workers who directly contribute to the UK retail economy
  • Achieving a healthy balance with how retailers communicate with consumers

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of and that is what these companies do to consumers and workers alike. We hope the next time you get the urge to click on that “must have” item you think twice about going through with your purchase.




TDC Team x