My Experience with The Dress Change

My Experience with The Dress Change

An estimated £30 billion worth of unworn clothing hangs in UK wardrobes – we’re buying more than ever, but only wearing 57% of what we own. For decades we’ve had options to buy second-hand clothing from charity shops and online via Ebay, and it’s become even more widespread with newer platforms like Depop and Vestiaire Collective.

However, whilst making the switch from new fast fashion to second-hand clothing is a sensible sustainable swap, it doesn’t directly solve the unworn clothing issue. It seems we’re married to the idea of buying and truly owning stuff, whether second-hand or not, instead of forming a circular economy in which we share stuff within our communities.

I’ve been shopping second-hand online regularly for three years, but have been unsuccessful in selling my own unworn clothing – The Dress Change provides a platform to close that loop in a more affordable way. I was thrilled to try out the Elite subscription, which costs £9 per month and allows you to swap up to five items, but you can swap one item per month for free with the standard subscription!

I uploaded my clothing items and bid on quite a few others listed on the site. I’m quite experimental with my style so I was excited to see a variety of garments that I may not have purchased otherwise. Eventually one of my bids was accepted – the other user and I swapped our blouses via Royal Mail tracked and my ‘new’ blouse arrived after a few days.


The blouse, and the t-shirt I received via my second swap, are definitely a bit out of my comfort zone, and more suited to warmer weather. But that’s what I love about swapping clothes! Sometimes you find the exact piece you’ve been after, and other times you stumble across a gem that you unexpectedly end up wearing again and again. I look forward to challenging my styling skills to incorporate these ‘new’ pieces into my wardrobe.

I would definitely continue to browse the site regularly, but probably on the standard subscription. As more people subscribe and as there are more items available, The Dress Change will only get better and better. The Dress Change could transform how Brits consume fashion and help them get back to the heart of sustainability – community, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Will you join the community to build a brighter, more sustainable future for fashion?

Written by Zainab.Slow.Fashion