Declutter your wardrobe

Declutter your wardrobe

Hands up if your wardrobe looks as neat as this?


It's not surprising. Between the amount of clothes we have - women in the UK purchase more out of all of the countries in Europe - and life getting in the way, decluttering your wardrobe is probably not very high on the list of priorities for many of us. 

 Well we are here to help with a step by step guide to.....

1. What do we have here then?

The best way to start is to take all of your clothes out of your wardrobe and drawers and place them on to your bed. This helps you to get a sense of how much you actually have in your wardrobe.Now, if you have children running about the house this may not be the best option for you. In this case take out all of the same type of clothing i.e. all of your dresses....and repeat the steps for each.

2. Decisions, decisions...

Ok, so i've taken out all of my clothes, now what? Now is the fun part, deciding what to keep and what to leave... so put your fave playlist on and get to it girl!

Create two piles and decide what to:

Keep - these should be items you Love to wear and want to keep.

Leave - these should be items you don't wear or haven't worn or that you don't really love.


3. Do's & Don'ts

DO's & Don'ts

Do enjoy the process, your doing something great for yourself that helps to promote calm and clarity

Don't spend too long on any one item - a few seconds per item should do it. 

Don't feel as though you have to let go of anything precious to you, these items are also items you love.

Do be honest with yourself and think about the last time you wore that item - if it was over 3 months ago chances are you probably won't wear it.


4. What do we have here then? What should I do with my leave pile?

If you have done this correctly the leave pile should be bigger than the keep!

You have a few options of what you can do with these:

Give clothes to family and friends - sharing is caring

Donate to charity - please check that your chosen charity is accepting donations as they are often over run.

Swap items for other items you'll love with us! look at the below items available for exchange - and thats just from one member!

5. The Keepers

You've completed the hard part and said goodbye to some items, now its time to cherish the ones you have kept.

Sort your items into categories - long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, skirts, underwear etc.

Get folding - fold each item category in the same way - this will help you to see things in your wardrobe without having to dig.

Organise by colour - from dark to light or light to dark - this helps your wardrobe to feel coordinated and flow nicely.

Decide where items should go -Drawers should be used for smaller items, underwear & tops; whilst the wardrobe is for bulky and long pieces your everyday ballgowns!

Once everything is in its place, step back and marvel at your handy work. Take a photo! How does it feel to be able to have order and see all of your clothes. Feels good right?!

6. How do I keep my decluttered wardrobe clutter free?

Now that you have your nice wardrobe space you need to maintain it. The best way to do this is:

Practice - continue to organise your space in the same way

Time - don't be tempted to just quickly put items away when in a hurry, leave items until you have the time to put them away properly.

Patience - like learning a new skill, it may not come naturally to you to be free of clutter, that's ok. Just revisit that photo you took and try to get you wardrobe back to that feeling you had when you first did.



That's all ladies,we hope it helps you to clear your space and mind!  Let us know how you get on with your decluttering and if any other tips!


Montana X