Black Friday?

Black Friday?

“It’s Black Friday, ooh lemme see if there are any good deals online.”

It can’t just be me who did this every year? And every year I ended up spending what seems like a ‘reasonable’ amount of money on a coat that used to be £250 and is now only an appealing price of £180. Now, the process usually starts with me quickly calculating the difference and then proceed to think of what I could use the savings of £70 on. 70 chocolate bars? Dinner for a week or two? 700 plastic bags (I wouldn’t recommend it) ?

I find myself so engrossed in the price difference and how much money I am getting off, I end up spending money I didn’t need to spend in the first place. The real question I need to ask myself is did I actually need that coat? Or did the price difference trick me into believing I did?

Black Friday seems to be a time where we spend unreasonable amounts of money on clothes with a ‘reduced’ tag when the truth of it is, if that price e.g. my £180 coat was the original £250, we wouldn’t be as excited. I can’t speak for all of course, just most ;)

UK online shoppers spent almost £1.5 billion in 2018 and that amount increases year on year.

 How about we boycott this one for the sake of our wallets and the environment? Instead let’s use our unwanted  as currency to swap with clothes we will wear! Everybody wins!

If you do find yourself feeling the need to ‘shop’ this Black Friday, make a change.  Swap instead of shop with TDC x


Written by Iyana - TDC Girl 

7 months into my sustainable fashion journey