7 holiday packing hacks you need to know right now

7 holiday packing hacks you need to know right now

7 holiday packing hacks you need to know right now

It happens every year. The age-old battle of clothes versus suitcase. You’re determined to fit all those essential outfits in…yes, nine different kaftans are indeed essential. Brute force doesn’t seem to work, the case is bursting at the seams and you’re pretty sure you’ve gone over your baggage weight allowance. You need to know these packing hacks.

Going on your holidays should be a blissful time, where your stresses float away with you on a Lilo in the Mediterranean Sea. But getting there can be an absolute nightmare - especially when you are a committed fashionista and want to bring all your on-trend outfits away with you.

Stress not! Here are seven different hacks to help make packing for your holidays go down as easy as a cocktail by the pool.

Utilise secret space– Think Tetris. Use all the space and compartments your suitcase provides. All the little compartments on the lid and sides of your case make a perfect snug home for electrical wires, little bits and bobs like accessories and jewellery. Even when packing your case, put items inside each other. Socks and underwear can go inside shoes. Clutch bags and wash bags can be filled with things and then packed.

Rollin’ – Our instincts say fold, we (and Marie Kondo – Queen of space saving) say roll! Soft items should be folded in half then rolled from the bottom to top. Do this with all your clothes and then slot them tightly next to each other. Rolling instead of folding means the items take up minimal space, and you can fit more in. It also prevents creases in your clothes.

Make a list and stick to it – Look at your wardrobe, write down the items you will need to take away with you, let’s say for example: two t-shirts and two skirts. Next to the clothes on your list write which items from your wardrobe you will take from this category. So next to, two t-shirts you will put white capped-sleeve basic tee, and grey slogan shirt – for example. This way you know exactly what you have and what you will bring, even before you’ve opened your suitcase and stared into the abyss. Then all you have to do is follow the list and pack your bags.

Sweet summer scents – Suitcases can get musty. We never think to clean the inside of our suitcases (or at least I don’t). So, years of sweaty, sandy, holiday clothes being shoved in and out your case can make the clean clothes you pack back in it, smell a bit – off. A couple of weeks before you jet off, put scented moth balls, incense sticks or even scented panty liners inside the bottom of your case. This helps get rid of the musty smells quickly and prevents your clothes smelling bad before you’ve even put them on while on your hols.

Size matters – You want to make sure you have the right sized luggage. Many of us just use Mum’s old wheelie case or pick up a suitcase in the sales. But you want bring luggage that is proportional to the time you’re spending away. You will always want to fill your suitcase, so don’t bring a huge one away for a three day, long weakened. Remember to always look at how big your hand luggage allowance is too, because for shorter trips you can always try to fit it all in hand luggage, saving yourself money and space.

Capsule wardrobe – Thankfully we are all becoming more aware of the fast fashion industry and the harmful effects it has towards sustainability and the planet. A capsule wardrobe is an edited down wardrobe that only contains necessary items that all co-ordinate well and can be worn on many occasions. Even if you aren’t ready to take the plunge with your whole wardrobe, packaging a capsule case is a great way to trial out the system. Instead of throwing in all your summer clothes and hoping for the best, choose a few garments that will go with each other, and that are versatile.

The wonder of shower caps – We are all trying to cut down on our single use plastic consumption and those little plastic sandwich bags you put your cosmetics and toiletries in, in case they leak should be replaced by shower caps! The elastic edge pings round them keeping it all in and acts as a barrier to protect your clothes in case you have a shampoo explosion. They also work great on shoes, keeping a pair together and stopping the dirty soles touching your clothes. You can then give them a clean and use the shower caps again and again.

We hope you’ve learnt a few tips and tricks to use next time you’re packing for your holidays. Take a photo of your beautifully packed cases and post them on social media tagging us @thedresschange. We’d love to see them!

Packing doesn’t need to be a stress. Combining some handy tricks with space saving advice means you will no longer need to dread packing your suitcase this summer. Happy holidaying!