About Us

We think that sustainable fashion should be affordable and accessible to all women. We also know that 70% of most women's wardrobes go unworn and end up contributing to landfill.

Well we are here to change all of that, we are the UK’s first Peer to Peer Exchange Platform!

We make sustainable fashion affordable for women in the UK, by creating an online space to exchange clothing, shoes and accessories with each other. We provide rewards for our members in the form of events, discounts and goodies from local small sustainable companies. Exchanging fashion means we are both saving money and helping the environment, by reducing the amount that ends up in landfill.

We are for women, by women.

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The Team

We are a group of professional women who saw a need for SwapNation within our own lives.

Amongst us is a fashionista who refuses to be photographed in the same outfit twice, a single mother who always misses the ‘return by’ date, and a woman who has put on weight and nothing fits anymore! We believe this is true for a lot of women out there!

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